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Ofertas abiertas

Tenemos convocatorias abiertas todo el año, ¡siempre estamos buscando nuevas personas para unirse a nuestro equipo!

Más abajo puedes encontrar las vacantes actuales en el Instituto de Microelectrónica de Barcelona. Puedes leer cada documento para comprobar si se ajusta a tu perfil y contactar con la persona responsable para mostrar tu interés.

Siempre estamos buscando nuevas personas para hacer trabajos finales de Grado o Máster, estudiantes para el doctorado o personal investigador postdoctoral y técnico para unirse a nuestro equipo de casi 200 personas. Si tienes alguna duda, puedes escribir a Recursos Humanos:

Predoctoral researchers at IMB-CNM

Plazas para TFG/TFM (estudiantes de Grado y Máster)

TFM | Automatic Dataset Generator for AI training in Integrated Circuit Architecture Extraction TFG/TFM | Autonomous Internet of Things TFG / TFM | Development of neural network algorithms for water quality monitoring TFG / TFM | Edge AI electronic tasting with chemical microsensors TFG/TFM | Silicon nitride design and modelling of photonic integrated circuits for optical communication applications TFG / TFM | Sustainable and intelligent paper-based sensors TFG | Experimental characterization of a smart ISFET CMOS chip TFG | Fabrication assembly and characterization of micro-thermoelectric generators TFM | Design and fabrication of semiconductor spin qubits for quantum computing TFM | Development of metal decorations by using thermal dewetting processes. Characterization and integration in TE applications TFM | Heat exchanger packaging strategies for micro-thermoelectric generators assembly and characterization TFM | High-Resolution Audio A/D Data Converter IP Block in 22-nm CMOS Technology for RISC-V Systems-on-Chip TFM | Implantable Lock-In Imager in 180-nm CMOS Technology for the Continuous Monitoring of Perivascular Adipose Tissue TFM | Implementation of ion-sensitive membranes on graphene FETs TFM | Low-Noise Multi-Channel Read-Out Integrated Circuit for Differential Mobility Analyzers TFM | Low-Power Neuromorphic Processor Design for Smart Lab-on-CMOS Devices TFM | Low-power readout circuits for smart microelectronic noses TFM | Micro/nano cells for 'in situ' measurements in synchrotron experiments TFM | Micro-thermoelectric generators based on block copolymer nanostructured thin-films, fabrication and characterization TFM | Open-source design methodology for AMS integrated circuits TFM | Optomechanical sensors with mechanochromic response for biosensing TFM | Read-out integrated circuit for high speed infrared imagers