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30 Oct 2020

IMB-CNM becomes member of the FutuRed Platform

FutuRed, the Spanish Electrical Grid Platform, was created to foster the technological evolution of Spanish electricity transmission and distribution systems in order to promote the technological leadership, the sustainable development and an increased competitiveness. The IMB-CNM has become member through the Power Devices and Systems (PDS) group.



The IMB-CNM has recently became a member of FutuRed through its Power Devices and Systems (PDS) research group. FutuRed is a Spanish Technological Platform of Electrical Grids created for integrating all the agents involved in the electricity sector, to define and promote strategies at national level allowing the consolidation of a more advanced network capable of responding to future challenges. FutuRed tries to develop the main objectives of the Spanish energy policy, increasing the independence from foreign energy and consistently reducing the environmental impact caused by electrical system infrastructures. The primary strategies to achieve these objectives consist of saving and using energy rationally, via the most effective electrical systems, and taking greater advantage of domestic resources.

The PDS Group also participated on October 28th in a webinar to present the power electronics prospective document prepared by the FutuRed platform. Power electronics is called to play a fundamental role in the energy transition, and the document addresses the main strengths and challenges regarding this technology from a national perspective