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14 Dec 2021

Six new projects starting at the IMB-CNM within the R+D+i call of the AEI

Six projects led by 9 researchers from the IMB-CNM began in September after having obtained aid from the 2020 call for R+D+i Projects corresponding to the State Programs for the Generation of Knowledge and Scientific and Technological Strengthening of the R+D System and R+D+i Oriented to the Challenges of Society, within the framework of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2017-2020.

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26 Oct 2021

The open source hardware designed in Barcelona already has the second generation of RISC-V Lagarto processors

The Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona of the CSIC participates in the creation of this new chip, which has been baptized with the name DVINO. It incorporates a restructuring of the initial design with greater concurrency, as well as some own IP blocks. It is the second generation of open source chips, the first designed in Spain, a project with the Instituto Politécnico Nacional de México, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, the CSIC, the University of Barcelona and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

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07 Oct 2021

CO2 conversion and digitization of energy, among the most demanded technologies by companies

The Reference Network in R+D+i Energy for Society (XRE4S) has presented its portfolio with more than 30 technological solutions in the energy sector to companies and investors with the aim of implementing them. The solutions come from 39 research groups of the main universities and research centres in Catalonia that are part of XRE4S include generation of renewable photovoltaic and wind energy, integration of energy technologies, power converters and digitization, new materials and devices, as well as solutions to improve energy efficiency. The industrial sector is also interested in improving battery processes and materials and in implementing energy optimization and digitization tools in systems and buildings.

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22 Sep 2021

European projects underway to celebrate the European Researchers’ Night

The European Researchers’ Night (Nit Europea de la Recerca) is a public event dedicated to the dissemination of science throughout Europe. It celebrates European projects and collaboration among its main players. This is a list of some European projects that started this year at IMB-CNM in the areas of nanoscience, energy and engineering.

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