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06 Feb 2023

The IMB-CNM will develop chips to produce and distribute renewable energy

This project, financed with more than 7 million euros, will improve the semiconductor technology of devices involved in the production and distribution of renewable energy. The objective is to develop new systems based on silicon carbide, a semiconductor almost as resistant as diamond, which could be key in the energy transition.

Projects |
17 Jan 2023

The first Spanish nanosatellite space propellant, with technology from CSIC and the company IENAI SPACE, reaches orbit

This is the first Spanish electric thruster for nanosatellites, developed by the startup IENAI SPACE, to maximize the lifetime of the devices and offer orientation control to nanosatellites. The electric drive uses innovative electrospray technology, based on silicon chips manufactured in the CSIC's Micro and Nanofabrication Clean Room at the IMB-CNM.

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