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26 Jul 2021

Design flow of the DRAC project

The logic and physical synthesis behind the DRAC project is explained now through a design flow, including the steps of the processors based on the RISC-V architecture.

Projects |
22 Jun 2021

New portable device for automated radon detection

The device, which features a silicon sensor manufactured at IMB-CNM's Clean Room, monitors radon levels automatically and remotely. Radon gas is the largest source of natural radiation exposure in humans and causes 3-14% of lung cancer cases.

Projects |
07 Jun 2021

Meet the Experts of the XRE4S

IMB-CNM is a member of the "Xarxa d'R+D+i Energy for Society" through the groups of PDS and MESSI. XRE4S is a consortium of 35 research groups belonging to 14 research centres and universities.

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