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Technological offers

IMB-CNM, within CSIC, advertises its technological offers in order to contact companies interested in its commercial exploitation, it shows its technologies in the main international technology fairs and participates in the "Enterprise Europe Network".

This is a summary of the most recent offers and the whole portfolio of technologies.

  • Paper-based device as Point-of-Care test for detection of infections in body fluids
  • High efficient and ultrabroadband light absorption material for energy applications
  • New method for the selective deposition of thin films based on a set of self- aligned metallic masks
  • Novel technology for developing stretchable opto-mechanical devices with larger mechanical sensitivity

Technologies Portfolio

If you are interested in any of the technological offers, download the summary and contact the responsible technician who appears in it. The offers are listed alphabetically and arranged by application area.


For more information on commercialization and license agreements, contact the Marketing Unit of the Deputy Vice Presidency of Knowledge Transfer.

Isabel Gavilanes
Deputy Vice-Presidency for Knowledge Transfer
Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
+34 93 594 77 00