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The research activities of IMB-CNM are dedicated to Micro/Nano Integrated Systems: miniaturized electronic systems which include sensing and/or actuating capabilities in addition to electronic information processing, power management and external interfaces.

The core of the IMB-CNM research can be included into the "More than Moore" and the "Heterogeneous integration" internationally established technology domains, although some of the activities can be integrated into the "Beyond CMOS" and "More Moore" areas.

The research activities of the IMB-CNM are carried out by nine R&D groups, covering activities from ‘atoms to systems’.

IMB-CNM is member of a variety of national and international clusters, research parks, technological platforms, industrial associations and research networks.

This section includes a repository of the IMB-CNM scientific papers published in journals included in the Science Citation Index (SCI), per year of publication.

IMB-CNM is doing research and development on micro and nanoelectonics ranging from cutting-edge fundamental research to applied industrial projects and contracts.

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