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Clean Room Virtual Tour

The Micro and Nanofabrication Clean Room is now available for visits through the interactive virtual tour.

Access this virtual tour of the Clean Room where you can see inside how this Unique Science and Technology Infrastructure (ICTS) works, housed at the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona. You will check the plant structure of these 1,500 square meters dedicated to micro and nanofabrication, the different equipment that is used or the distribution of the different work areas.

A Clean Room is a space with restricted access due to the ultra-clean conditions that are required in it, so they cannot be visited by the general public. Through this virtual tour, you will be able to enter inside!

The Clean Room has three service areas, of about 600 square meters each, which allow the daily operation of the equipment, as well as maintaining the ideal conditions for manufacturing within it. They include deionized water pumps, air ventilation equipment, etc.

They are restricted passage areas where the institute's maintenance team mainly works, although it is possible to enter without clean room overalls.