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24 May 2022

The IMB-CNM brings a micro-talk and two workshops to the 15th Festa de la Ciència!

The institute participates, one more year, in the Festa de la Ciència organized by the Barcelona City Council. The event is the largest event for scientific dissemination for all audiences. It will take place on the Rambla del Raval in Barcelona and will last the entire weekend of May 28 and 29.

Cartell groc Festa de la Ciència 2022. Ajuntament de Barcelona


The IMB-CNM participates in the Barcelona Science Festival with various proposals for all audiences. On the one hand, with a workshop and a micro-talk on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the invention of the transistor and, on the other, with an informative workshop on energy conversion, as well as a researcher collaborating in a round table. Do not miss any of the activities, here you have a summary of all the participation.

This year the activities will take place on the last weekend of May on Barcelona's Rambla del Raval.

Activities on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the invention of the transistor

Microtalk From grandfather's radio on the Playstation 5: the transistor is 75 years old

  • Sunday 29, at 11:45 am.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the birth of one of the most revolutionary electronic devices of the last hundred years: the transistor. This device, present in all kinds of devices (mobile phones, computers, cars, photovoltaic panels...) is essential to understand contemporary society. Embark on a journey through the history of technology while learning how it works and what its new applications are. Talk by researcher Elisabet Prats, from CIBER-BBN in the Biomedical Applications Group of the IMB-CNM. Prats is also a member of the Big Van Ciencia group.

Workshop Trip to the fascinating world of microelectronic integration!

  • Sunday 29, at 12:40 pm.

Build your own functional electronic circuit with elements such as transistors or resistors. Participate in this workshop where, in addition, you will be able to observe the chips through a microscope and see how microelectronic integration works with your own eyes. Microelectronics workshop coordinated by Joan Marc Rafí.

Other workshops

Workshop Energy in the palm of your hand

  • Saturday 28, at 1:45 pm.

Do you know how energy conversion and transport works? And why has the microscale, that is, the scale of very small things, completely changed the world? In this activity you will perform tests to understand the keys to energy conversion. In addition, you will also discover what we mean when we talk about microscale and you will be able to see the physical and chemical phenomena that arise when electric generators are miniaturized. Energy workshop coordinated by Joaquín Santander and Íñigo Martín within the European Harvestore project.

Round table White paper on nanotechnologies

  • Saturday 28, at 4:30 pm.

What impact does nanotechnology have on ethical, social, legislative, economic and educational aspects? To what extent are they an opportunity or a threat? Sign up for an interesting debate on this multidisciplinary field that is increasingly present around you. Round table with the participation of the researcher Gemma Rius (IMB-CNM).

The Festa de la Ciència

Research and knowledge take to the streets again with the 15th Festa de la Ciència! On May 28 and 29, 200 activities, 27 different spaces and more than 150 city entities related to science and dissemination await you on the Rambla del Raval.

The great citizen meeting with scientific culture is open to the public of all ages and does so with a wide range of formats that will make you experience science in the first person: experiments, installations, games, workshops, demonstrations, shows, debates, micro-talks , itineraries and guided tours, among others.

The Festa brings you a lot of proposals on all topics related to science and technology, among which the marine environment and sustainability gain relevance on the occasion of the Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development and the International Years of Fisheries and Artisanal Aquaculture, Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development, and Crystal.

This edition also begins the new decentralized Festa model that will take place each year in a different neighborhood of Barcelona. This year, the 15th Festa de la Ciència lands in the heart of Raval, where it has the special collaboration of neighborhood entities and institutions. Come to the Raval and experience science in all its dimensions!