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16 Jun 2021

More than 150 people participate in the IMB-CNM workshops at the Festa de la Ciència

The IMB-CNM participated in the Festa de la Ciència of Barcelona last Sunday, 13th June. Seven researchers prepared three different workshops that they performed eight times during a period of two hours, so more than 150 people (kids and adults of all ages) attended the demostrations.

Sara Santiago, Meritxell Rovira y Gonzalo Vázquez en la Festa de la Ciència


The Festa de la Ciència is an outreach event organised by the Council of Barcelona in the framework of the Biennal Ciutat i Ciència with activities regarding science for everybody. IMB-CNM had previously participated in many editions and in 2021 there were three workshops about graphene, bacteries and pH.

The workshops were framed in different circuits regarding matter (Matèria i materials), the world of unseen things (El món invisible) and the work inside a lab (Laboratori científic). Each one of them was 10 minutes long and eight shifts were performed, so the activities ran for two hours and each welcomed around 60 people, between kids and adults interested. Around 150 people participated in the activities organised by the IMB-CNM.

Gemma Rius and Sofia Aslanidou were in charge of the workshop "Ajuda'ns a fabricar grafè!", in which they showed how graphene was composed and explained how it was first synthetized. The attendees had pencil and paper to draw their own hexagons and cut the graphene in the best way (through the links?).

Laura Lefaix, Mireia Burdó and Josune Jiménez were in charge of "Quins bacteris té la teva pell?", in which they showed the difference between a clean and a dirty hand experimenting with the public's own cleanliness printing their fingers on Petri dishes.

Meritxell Rovira, Gonzalo Vázquez and Sara Santiago performed the last shift of the evening with the workshop "Mesurant el pH de diferents begudes", in which they explained what was the pH and they evaluated how it could be found in drinks using ISFET sensors to measure it.