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Why choosing IMB-CNM?

We are almost 200 people nurturing research to face societal challenges.

IMB-CNM is a dynamic centre composed of almost 200 people. Women and men from different backgrounds who work towards achieving scientific excellence. Administrative staff, technicians, researchers and students make possible our daily operations, which include the Micro and Nanofabrication Clean Room (MICRONANOFABS), a singular facility of over 1.500 square metres that aims at helping national and international research groups to carry out R&D activities. One of the main facilities in our country where it is possible to manufacture complete integrated circuits and devices in silicon and silicon carbide semiconductor technologies, as well as sensors, micro-nanoelectromechanical devices and electronic systems capable of exploiting the combined capabilities of micro and nanotechnologies.

Our centre offers a highly interdisciplinary training by multidisciplinary teams. Micro- and nanotechnologies are transversal and allow their application in many diverse fields of science and technology.

Thus, IMB-CNM is offering a unique opportunity for pre- and postdoc students to achieve a high multidisciplinary training with transferrable skills. The process of learning is guidance by researchers graduated in a complementary range of degrees (Physics, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Physicians) by Spanish and foreign universities.