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16 May 2022

Renewal of the agreement with the ePowered RACING team for the design of an electrical motorcycle

The IMB-CNM and the UPC team have recently renewed an agreement through which the IMB-CNM offers its support to the team and its installations for specific tasks.

Visit of UPC Epowered group to renew agreement with IMB-CNM


Picture above (from left to right): Àlex Puchalt, Baldiri Gassó, Miquel Vellvehi, Ferran Algué and Conrad Ferrer.

The IMB-CNM renews its agreement with the ePowered RACING team, fom the UPC's School of Engineering of Barcelona East (EEBE), and welcomes its members for a visit. The institute has been a sponsor of the team for years, through the Power Devices and Systems group and D+T Microelectrónica. The team consists in a group of engineering students designing and manufacturing an electric motorcycle to participate in the MotoStudent competition.

Both parties have recently renewed the agreement, through which the IMB-CNM offers its support to the team and its installations for specific tasks of the group regarding microelectronic components. It also facilitates the opportunity to develop a curricular traineeship at the with the PDS group in the IMB-CNM premises.

Last week, Miquel Vellvehi (head of PDS) and Conrad Ferrer (researcher at the group and former member of the ePowered RACING Team) welcomed Àlex Puchalt, Baldiri Gassó and Ferran Algué for a visit. Puchalt is responsible of the batteray pack and dashboard, Gassó is in charge of the electronic department and Algué acts as Team Leader.

"We are very pleased to have reached an agreement to renew our collaboration with the ePowered RACING team and to be able to help young people to achieve their goals and provide them with access to training stages at our institute", says Miquel Vellvehi. The PDS group is especialized in power semiconductor devices, a key element for the development of electronic circuits that allow the control of electrical energy, like the traction converters of an electric motorcycle.

The next VII MotoStudent competition will be held in Autumn 2023.