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El resum inclou el nombre total de publicacions, cites, col·laboracions mundials, treball en xarxa amb institucions espanyoles, les fonts del nostre finançament i un desglossament del nostre personal actual, en el qual pretenem abordar i corregir la bretxa actual de gènere. La transparència de les nostres dades pretén aconseguir un millor coneixement del funcionament del nostre centre de recerca i assolir l’excel·lència científica.

number of papers published since 1996
number of citations since 1996
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Publications and citations through the years

Top 5 of the Q1 journals with the most publications in 2021

Open Access publications through the years


International Collaboration

National Collaboration

Summary of Projects 2017-2021

International Projects started each year

National Projects started each year

Catalan Projects started each year

This is a summary of the projects that started in each year. The data is extracted as of January 2022.

The IMB-CNM is fourth center with more actions funded in the H2020 Program in Catalonia

The institute is among the 10 CSIC centers with the most success in securing funding in the H2020 European Research and Innovation Framework Programme, 29 projects, which was open from 2014 until 2020. The fourth in Catalonia and the sixth in Spain.

Project Figures

number of European projects
number of national projects
number of Catalan projects


Origin of the funding sources


Staff distribution

Defended thesis through the years

Staff figures

staff at 31/12/2021
percentage of women at IMB-CNM
percentage of female researchers at IMB-CNM

Communication & Outreach Activities


  • Number of Press Releases: 55
  • Number of media appearances: +100
  • What did we talk about the most?
    • Awards: 9
    • Institutional: 6
    • Outreach: 13
    • Papers: 9
    • Projects: 18


  • Guided visits at IMB-CNM: 21
    • Total public: 60
  • Workshops, conferences and outreach events coorganized or participated by IMB-CNM: 13
    • Total public: 500
  • IMB-CNM Talks organized during the year: 27
    • Total public: 1.100
  • New portable device for automated radon detection
  • A device monitoring heart failure from saliva co-developed by CSIC researchers