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07 Jun 2021

Meet the Experts of the XRE4S

IMB-CNM is a member of the "Xarxa d'R+D+i Energy for Society" through the groups of PDS and MESSI. XRE4S is a consortium of 35 research groups belonging to 14 research centres and universities.

XRE4S Xavier Jordà and Luis Fonseca on their videos


The Xarxa d'R+D+i Energy for Society is a consortium of 35 research groups in different fields of technology in which the IMB-CNM collaborates through the groups of Power Devices and Systems (PDS) and the MicroEnergy Sources and Sensor Integration (MESSI) groups.

PDS group is involved because of their research in the characterization of power devices optimized for energy efficient power converters. Power electronics is an emerging field responsible of the advance of renewable sources of energy, such as solar panels and electric cars. The MESSI group is involved in the exploitation of micro and nanotechnologies for the fabrication of sensors and energy sources.

#MeetTheExpert is a series of interviews with the heads of the groups in which they present their ongoing research in the fields of energy and technology, as well as the benefits of the XRE4S for the team. You can watch the two they did at IMB-CNM:

XRE4S: a multidisciplinary ecosystem

XRE4S is the R+D+I Network Energy for Society: a multidisciplinary and transversal ecosystem that gathers the expertise in the energy field of the main universities and research centers in Catalonia. The main goal is to promote the technology transfer and valorisation of energy technologies to industry and society.