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Micro and Nanotools Group (MNTL)

“Contributing to lay the foundations of micro- and nanosystems of the future". The research line of the group is focused on the development of new Micro- and NanoTools to explore new applications or functionalities for MEMS and NEMS. 

Contact Person

José Antonio Plaza
MNTL Group Picture 2021

The group is working in two research lines: suspended chips to sense and actuate in living cells and energy harvesting at the microscale.

Suspended chips for applications in living cells

We are pioneering the development of MEMS and NENS at the scale of living cells with contributions in biology, nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine. We demonstrated in 2013 the first silicon-based intracellular chip, a mechanical sensor, which can detect pressure changes inside living cells and transmits the information without any physical contact. In 2015, we demonstrated a suspended planar array chip for molecular multiplexing inside a living cell. We are currently centered in innovative suspended microparticles with advanced materials.

Energy Harvesting for industrial applications, wearables and cell biology

We focus on advancing triboelectric, piezoelectric and flexoelectric devices at the microscale. The main activities are centred on developing wearables based on printing and flexible technologies and the harvesting of energy for cell stimulation, where the two research lines converge.