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IMB-CNM talks: MEMS Technology at FBK - Flavio Giacomozzi


20 Oct 2020
Sala de Actos Pepe Millán, IMB-CNM, Campus UAB.

Flavio Giacomozzi is involved on MEMS technology development and prototypes fabrication at FBK Trento Italy. In the talk he will illustrate the activity of the Microsystem Technology Research unit and discuss about fabrication of RF MEMS and flexible touch sensors. The FBK RF MEMS technological platform allows to fabricate complex reconfigurable device for telecommunication by using electrostatically actuated switches. The delicate movable parts are protected by caps obtained by wafer to wafer bonding. Touch sensors for robotic application can be obtained by depositing piezocapacitor over the gate of a MOSFET, the use of AlN is under evaluation in collaboration with IMB CNM. 

The talks will be in Spanish with slides in English.
Free admission. Limited capacity.

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