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IMB-CNM Invited Talk: Development of sensors and biosensors with improved properties using nanomaterials


30 Nov 2021

IMB-CNM Talks: Desarrollo de sensores y biosensores con propiedades mejorades empleando nanomateriales


Gabriel Ybarra, Nanomateriales Funcionales, INTI-Micro y Nanotecnologías, Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial, Argentina.

Introduction by Gemma Gabriel (GAB).


Chemical sensors and biosensors, considered as compact analytical devices, are highly attractive due to their ease of use, fast response, small size, and the possibility of continuous monitoring, among other reasons. The scientific community of chemical sensors and biosensors dedicates a sustained effort in order to improve the quality and reliability of these devices, seeking to achieve better figures of merit, such as sensitivity, detection limit, stability and reproducibility. In this sense, the properties of nanomaterials can provide improved characteristics to the sensors. This presentation will introduce some approaches carried out in the framework of collaborations with our group in which nanomaterials were incorporated into sensors and biosensors in order to fulfill certain specific functions, such as serving as a substrate for the immobilization of biomolecules, allowing selective passage of certain compounds to an electrode, and acting as conductive matrices in electrochemical sensors or as catalysts for redox reactions in printed sensors.

About Gabriel Ybarra

Gabriel Ybarra (Buenos Aires, 1970) obtained a PhD in chemical sciences from the University of Buenos Aires. He is currently in charge of the Department of Functional Nanomaterials of the Center for Micro and Nanotechnologies of the National Institute of Industrial Technology, a research and development group focused on the synthesis of nanomaterials for applications in sensors and biosensors. He has published 50 articles and five book chapters. He is also an adjunct professor at the Institute of Industrial Quality of the National University of San Martín.