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Wafer Electrical Characterisation Laboratory

The main activities of this service deal with:

  1. Parametric test
  2. Test structure design and characterisation
  3. New on-wafer measurement techniques set-up
  4. Electronic Device Characterization


Parametric test system

Semi-automatic parametric test station, based on a Süss Microtech PA200 semi-automatic prober and an Agilent 41000 Parametric Test System. It has 4 SMU units, a CV meter and a switching matrix. Connection to the wafer is done through probecard.

General purpose on-wafer measurement equipment

Three semi-automatic wafer probers (MPI TS2000-SE, Wentworth AWP 1050 and KarlSüss PA200) are available. Wafer can be contacted both using micromanipulators or probecard. They can be used together with the available electric measurement equipment: four Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers (Keysight B1500, HP4155B and two Keithley 4200, both including 4 SMU and one Keithley 4200 with a CV module), CV measurement equipment (Keysight E4990, HP4280A and HP4192A), and other auxiliary small equipment. There are also available one manual wafer probers with thermal chuck (Micromanipulator 4060).