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Equips i processos de l'Àrea de Nanolitografia

L'Àrea de Nanolitografia està dedicada a la definició de característiques a nivell de resolució de submicrones, i a la caracterització de materials, processos i dispositius fabricats a l'institut a la nanoescala.


  • Electron beam lithography (EBL)
  • AFM based nanofabrication
  • Nanoimprint lithography
  • Focused Ion Beam (FIB)
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
  • Resist Processing 
  • Optical Microcope (OM)


AFM microscope

Bruker Icon AFM

  • Close-loop scanner
  • Sample size up to a 150 mm wafer


Electron beam lithography

RAITH 150 (TWO) dedicated electron beam lithography system

  • From samples up to 150 mm wafers
  • 0,1 to 30kV acceleration voltage
  • Height Sensor
  • Interferometric Stage


Nanoimprint lithography (NIL)

Obducat thermal nanoimprint system

  • Sample size up to 150 mm wafers
  • Maximum pressure: 80 bars and temperature up to 350 ºC


Focused Ion Beam

Zeiss Crossbeam 550L

  • Sample size up to a 150 mm wafer
  • Circuit editing capability
  • Nanomachining capabilities


Scanning Electron Microscopy

Zeiss 1560 and Zeiss AURIGA 40 Field Emission SEMs

  • 4” full acces (6 and 8 inch possible)
  • EDS Oxford Detector


Resist Processing

Fume Hood with Laurell Spinner and Hot-Plate

  • Small pieces to 6” wafers
  • Hot-Plate up to 200ºC


Optical Microscopy

Zeiss AxioM1

  • Manual Plate
  • Bright Field and Dark Field

Capacitats Disponibles

EBL nanolithography

  • Lithography on positive and negative resists
  • Resolution below 20 nm
  • Up to 6 inch wafers in stich fields, stitch resolution below 20nm
  • Mix & Match with Optical Lithography


Nanoimprint lithography

  • Imprinting of polymer resists on different surfaces.
  • Imprinting of polymers foils (hot-embossing)
  • Resolution below 100 nm
  • Imprinting area up to 4"
  • "In house" technology for mould fabrication and conditioning


Focused Ion Beam (FIB)

  • Nanofabrication (Ga ions): Resolution below 20 nm depending on the material.
  • Gas Injection System (GIS): Pt, C, W, TEOS deposition & O2, F etching
  • Omniprobe for lamella preparation.
  • SmartFIB patterning software


Topographical characterization by AFM

  • Maximum sample size: 6'' wafer
  • Maximum range of images: 30 μm (X) x 30 μm (Y) x 4 μm (Z)
  • Lateral resolution (depending on surface features): 1 nm
  • Vertical resolution: 0.1 nm AFM
  • Other SPM techniques available on request


SEM characterization

  • SEM characterisation of whole wafers up to 6''
  • In-Lens, SE, EBS, STEM and BSE detectors
  • Oxford EDS detectors
  • Metrology (automatic large area imaging) and measuring


FIB characterization

  • FIB cross-sectioning
  • TEM lamela preparation
  • Circuit Editing.
  • SEM & FIB 3DMapping (topographic and/or EDS)


Optical MicroscopyLocal electrical characterization

  • Camera and computer attached
  • Multiple Objectives (x5,x10,x20,x50,x100 plus condensers)
  • Bright Field and Dark Field

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  • Xavier Borrisé (ext. 435564) 
  • Llibertad Solé (ext. 435557)
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