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06 Jun 2023

The 16th Festa de la Ciència is this weekend in Barcelona with the participation of IMB-CNM

The center brings three activities of scientific culture to the 16th Festa de la Ciència, organized by the Barcelona City Council, which this year will be held on the Rambla de Prim. The event is the largest science outreach event for all audiences in Barcelona and will take place on the weekend of June 10 and 11.

Festa de la Ciència 2023 Rambla de Prim


The IMB-CNM participates in the 16ª Festa de la Ciència of Barcelona with various proposals for all audiences, two workshops on microelectronics and a debate on technology and society. This year the activities will take place the second weekend of June in Barcelona's Rambla de Prim.

Descobreix la revolucionària invenció del transistor!

Seventy-five years ago the device that revolutionized electronics was invented: the transistor. Celebrate it and learn how and where the chips are made! You will see and touch various silicon stones, wafers, transistors and chips, and discover what a micro and nanofabrication clean room is. You will discover how transistors work by assembling electronic circuits! A workshop with the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT). With Joan Marc Rafí, Miguel Zabala and David Sánchez.


  • Sunday June 11th, at 17:20h, La revolució tecnològica: Recarrega't!

Do you know that we can use chips for many things in our daily life? Perform small experiments with common things and chips to measure the pH of vegetables or see how fruits can conduct electricity. You will discover how chips work and how they are present in our daily life! A workshop designed by Mercedes Saludes and Laura Lefaix.

La clau de la digitalització: com el transistor va canviar les nostres vides

Microelectronics is the key to understand today's society. From a technological perspective, this debate will talk about all the possibilities opened by the invention of the transistor and the social consequences that the microelectronics industry still has today. With Luis Fonseca, director of IMB-CNM, and David Quirion, director of the Micro and Nanofabrication Clean Room.

16ª Festa de la Ciència

Research and knowledge take the streets again with the 16th Science Festival! On June 10 and 11, more than 150 entities of the city related to science and outreach await all audiences in the Rambla de Prim. The great citizen meeting with scientific culture opens to the public of all ages and does so with a wide range of formats that will make you experience science in first person: experiments, installations, games, workshops, demonstrations, shows, debates, micro-talks, itineraries and guided tours, among others.

This edition also continues with the decentralized Festival model that will take place every year in a different neighborhood of Barcelona.