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Day of Women and Girls in Science 2018

The United Nations have proclaimed February 11 the International Day of Women and Girls in Science aiming to ensure full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls.

PH. D. grant offer in the Radiation Detectors group at the Microelectronics National Center

The main research activity is the development of Low Gain Avalanche Detectors for pixelated X-ray detectors including technological and electrical simulation, detector design, technology setup, fabrication and characterization for the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble, France.

More information in PhD_CNM_2018.pdf

Prize in the Generation of Ideas 2017 programme

The RES-KIT "Genetic pen-site kit for the detection of antimicrobial resistance genes", with the participation of three researchers of the GTQ group, has won the Second Prize in the Generation of Ideas 2017 programme, which supports proposals for technology based market solutions.



PhD student position: Investigation and development of new packaging solutions for high power devices

We propose a PhD project to be developed at IMB-CNM aimed at providing original and advanced packaging solutions solving the main problems limiting the performances of wide band-gap high power devices. The candidate must have an Engineering or a Bachelor’s degree (Electronics, Electrical, Materials Science, Physics or similar) or a Master Degree on a subject related with the topics of the subject. Additional information:

More information in: DOC-FAM-COFUND-PowerPackaging_2017.pdf

Two IMB-CNM researchers acknowledged by the CSIC for their Scientific Merits during 2016

Dra. Rosa Villa and Dr Gonzalo Murillo, awarded during 2016-2017 by external institutions for their Scientific Merits, have been acknowledged by the CSIC on July 5, 2017, at the CSIC Auditorium in Madrid.

PH. D. contract offer on Nanofabrication for Next Generation Nano-electronics

The NEMS and Nanofabrication research group is offering a contract for a Ph.D. Student, in the framework of the European H2020 project IONS4SET (

More information in CNM_I4S_PhD_offer_ed.pdf

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