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Micro and Nanotechnology research for you

PH. D. contract offer on Nanofabrication for Next Generation Nano-electronics

The NEMS and Nanofabrication research group is offering a contract for a Ph.D. Student, in the framework of the European H2020 project IONS4SET (

More information in CNM_I4S_PhD_offer_ed.pdf

PH. D. GRANT OFFER to work on Low Gain Avalanche Detectors as Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors

The Radiation Detectors group at the Microelectronics National Center (IMBCNM) located in Barcelona, Spain, is offering a grant to realize a Ph. D. in Physics.

More information in Grant_CNM_2017.pdf

Manufacturing antimicrobial fabrics and devices at industrial scale

A European project involving the Instituto de Microelectrónica de Barcelona (IMB-CNM) of the CSIC, and led by the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC), will introduce on the market an ultrasound technology for industrial production of fabrics and surfaces coated with antimicrobial nanoparticles.

More information in

100 becas de introducción a la investigación para estudiantes de posgrado en el CSIC

Plazo de presentación de solicitudes: Del 18 de abril de 2017 al 9 de mayo del 2017

Haber finalizado los estudios de licenciatura o grado en el curso 2014-2015 o posterior. Nota media: 8.00 para las ramas de conocimiento de Artes y Humanidades, Ciencias, Ciencias de la Salud y Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas. 7.00 para la rama de conocimiento de Ingeniería y Arquitectura.
Estar matriculados/as en un Máster Universitario Oficial en el curso 2016-2017 o haber realizado la inscripción o pre-inscripción en un Máster Universitario Oficial para el curso 2017-2018.
No ser Doctor/a.
No haber sido beneficiario/a de una beca de introducción a la investigación dentro del programa JAE (Junta de Ampliación de Estudios) en convocatorias anteriores.
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Listados de trabajos de investigación ofertados por el Instituto de Microelectrónica de Barcelona

CAMPABADAL SEGURA, FRANCESCA "Conmutación resistiva en dispositivos MIM basados en capas de dieléctrico de alta permitividad"

ABAD MUÑOZ, LIBERTAD "Desarrollo de dispositivos termoeléctricos en sustratos flexibles"

FLORES GUAL, DAVID "Detectores de Radiación de Silicio Ultra-Rápidos"

MUÑOZ PASCUAL, FRANCISCO JAVIER "Nuevos microfiltros de silicio poroso para la detección de Legionella"

IMB-CNM (CSIC) is organizing the 23th Micromachine Summit next May 15-17

IMB-CNM (CSIC) is organizing the 23th Micromachine Summit next May 15-17, where national and supranational delegations worldwide will review the state of play of Micro and Nanotechnologies in their territories.

More information at

IMB-CNM in the GSMA Mobile World Congress

A real-time sweat sensor is presented, which can be integrated in smartwatches, patches or wearables.

A real-time sweat sensor is presented, which can be integrated in smartwatches, patches or wearables. The IMB-CBNM sensor is a low-cost system that can measure pH, glucose, lactate and the electrolytes (sodium, potassium calcium and chlorine) of sweat. These parameter provide useful information for sport training programs and to detect alarm situations (such as dehydration or exhaustion). The system is based on a microfluidic structure made on paper that takes the sweat and transports it to silicon microsensors. The device is presented at the GSMA Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona from 27 February to 2 March. IMB-CNM is also showing an ISFET (ion-sensitive field-effect transistor) sensor for the measurement of pH and ions, similar to a strip sensor. It can be applied in health, environment and food industry. The development of both technologies has been leaded by Antoni Baldi.

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