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22 Sep 2020

La investigadora del CSIC Neus Sabaté, galardonada en los Premios de Física Real Sociedad Española de Física

La investigadora del Instituto de Microelectrónica de Barcelona del CSIC, ha sido galardonada en la categoría de Física, Innovación y Tecnología. El jurado ha destacado “su visión pionera y su gran creatividad en el campo de las baterías biodegradables”.

10 Jul 2020

CSIC researcher Neus Sabaté, candidate for the Women Innovators 2020 award

Twenty-one of the most talented and inspiring women entrepreneurs in Europe and beyond are in the shortlist for the EU Prize for Women Innovators 2020. The prize celebrates the outstanding achievements of female entrepreneurs running innovative companies and is funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme for research and innovation.

08 Jul 2020

Improving zinc-air rechargeable batteries with nanoparticles

CSIC scientists at the IMB-CNM and ICMAB are working to achieve an efficient zinc-air battery recharging. These batteries have more capacity than the lithium-ion ones, and are made of cheap materials, which are widely available in nature as well as safe.

01 Jul 2020

IMB-CNM participates in the EU HARVESTORE project

It is a five years FET-PROACTIVE project aiming at miniaturised mixed energy harvesting and storage devices using disruptive concepts from the emerging Nanoionics and Iontronics disciplines. These nano-enabled micro-energy systems with a footprint below 1 cm3 should power autonomous wireless sensor nodes for the future Internet of Things from ubiquitous heat and light sources. CNM is providing the technological resources and knowhow to integrate those devices in silicon technology allowing the highly dense features and scalability required for real miniaturization and massive deployment that will show their viability as a new technological paradigm of embedded energy.