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BioMEMs Group

The main activity of the group addresses the design and development of novel micro and nanosensors and complex and compact miniaturized systems for biological and biomedical applications.

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Francesc Xavier Muñoz

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Device design, fabrication, packaging and characterization, as well as customized electronic instrumentation development, are approached from the initial conception to the final biodevice in order to generate knowledge, micro-nano devices and complete systems with high added value.

Research focuses in:

  • Nanobioelectrochemistry
  • NanoBioFuel cells

Most biochemical reactions take place in liquid environments. Hence, the development of Micro-TAS is intrinsically linked to the design of fluid handling micro-devices. The group is actively pursuing both mechanically and electrically driven fluid-handling micro-devices for generic biomedical analysis. Micro-TAS offers many advantages over traditional analysis systems. Low power consumption and small reaction volumes, faster analysis, ultra-sensitive detection, and minimal human intervention are key parameters in the development of micro-TAS.

Sensors are key technologies in the development of Distributed PoC systems and micro-TAS tools, since they provide the basic means for bio-signal recording and analysis. Hence, the development of biochemical sensors in multi-analyte detection schemes, self-calibration methods and acquisition systems are fields of fundamental interest.