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The Integrated Circuit and Systems Test laboratory is managed by the Electronic/ microelectronic Engineering Service and concentrates all the equipment required in order to test and characterize Digital/Analog/mixed/RF Integrated Circuits and Systems.

  • 5 workstation equipped with:
    • PC, power supply, function generator, oscilloscope and multimeter
  • Especial equipment
    • RF semiautomatic Probe Station
    • Rack RF & equipment
      • Network analyzer 300kHZ-8GHz (ZVB8)
      • 8GHz Oscilloscope (DSA90804A)
      • RF Generator (K2920)
      • Signal and Network analyzer (N9010A)
    • Network/Impedance analyzer
      • DC-100kHz (SRS785)
      • 10kHz-500MHz (4395A)
      • 40Hz-110MHz (4294A)
    • Logic Analyzer Analizador (TLA721)
    • 1 GHz Oscilloscope



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