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Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona IMB-CNM   

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Micro and Nanotechnology research for you

The main activities in this line are:

Battery-less implantable circuitry for restoring some motor activity

  • Circuitry for recording neural activity
  • Neuro-muscular stimulation circuitry
  • Inductive coupling for RF transmission

CMOS subthreshold analog companding for very low-voltage applications

  • Amplification & AGC
  • Filtering
  • Generation
  • PDM
  • Sigma-Delta A/D conversion

Low-power read-out techniques for large sensor-arrays

  • CTIAs
  • CDS
  • Analog multiplexers
  • Video buffers
  • Mixed A/D pixel circuitry

Low-power CMOS and N/MEMS design for RF

  • LNA - Mixers
  • Local oscillators
  • N/MEMS-CMOS interfacing
Relevant Results

The most relevant results are:

  • CMOS Subthreshold Analog Companding for Very Low-Voltage Applications
  • A 1.2um CMOS full-custom analog library for 1V audio applications
  • A 1.1V 300uA CMOS hearing-aid-on-chip product
  • A 500x12 read-out IC for cryogenic IR sen
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