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Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona IMB-CNM   

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Micro and Nanotechnology research for you

Methods, techniques and tools for design & test of integrated circuits and systems. IC, ASIC, FPLD, SoC and Microsystems are the targets. The design activities are related to:

  • Circuit and systems modelling, design & test methodologies (HDLs, IPs, SoC,...)
  • IC, ASIC and FPGA applications development, co-design and retargeting
  • Front-End design: specs., circuit modelling & capture, synthesis, detailed design, netlist and test program generation.
  • Back-End design: place&route, DRC, LVS, post layout analysis, backannotation and simulation - Full-custom and semi-custom design
  • Flexible architectures and reconfigurable systems based on programmable cores, FPLDs and MCMs
  • Microsystems architecture, readout electronics, telemetric interfaces. - Behavioural and multi-technologic modelling & simulation
  • Commercial off the shelf (COTS): Upgrading & qualification for aerospace applications
Relevant results

We mention the following results:

Flexible architectures and platform based design
  • ARM + FPGA platform development for SoC design based on EPSON IP-Cores and technologies
  • FPGA based platform for a portable wireless touch-screen terminal
HDL based design methodologies & projects
  • PRENDA: ASIC design methodologies based on VHDL and related techniques and tools - FPGA and VHDL based test for integrated circuits and systems
  • SOCCER: SoC based on IP assessment & design methodology for aerospace applications
ASIC Design
  • Cell library and design kits development for CNM CMOS technology
  • PEC-31750: A peripheral controller for space applications
  • CIMCO: Multimode IC for mobile communications using DECT protocols
  • NANOSAT: A digital modem for LEO satellite communications
  • Backend automatic processes for CNM and selected EUROPRACTICE technologies
  • DearMama: Test and debugging FPGA-VHDL based platform for large system (new mammography system) and its core ASIC (a photon counter sensor)
Field Programmable Substrate for deposited Multi-chip-modules (FPS-MCM)
  • Basic devices and blocs for FPS development have been developed and characterised.
  • The first prototype of on Q1 of 2001
  • Multi-technology modelling & simulation by using VHDL-AMS.
  • SPARTE electro-thermal modelling and simulation applied to power system & devices
  • IDEA sensor & actuator behavioural modelling for microsystems integration
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