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Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona IMB-CNM   

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Micro and Nanotechnology research for you

The activities included in this line are directed towards the development of electrochemical and optical / photonic transducers based on different transduction principles with the aim of improving transducers performance and developing new (bio)sensor approaches, autonomous systems, and implementation into platforms for lab-on-a-chip analytical systems. Specific research is carried out on:

  • Electrochemical devices: Ion-selective field effect transducers (ISFETs), impedimetric microelectrodes, voltammetric and amperometric transducers based on two and three-electrode cells, microelectrode arrays, nanomaterial-based transducers.
  • Photonic/Optical devices: Different configurations for recording spectral response, scattering and phase modulation analytical signals.
  • Silicon based devices: Micro-optical components, interferometric devices, optomechanical components, Si nanocrystal light emitters.
  • Hybrid Si/polymer integration: Development of polymeric optical elements, multiple internal reflection devices (MIR), and integration in microfluidic lab-on-chip systems.
  • Advanced materials and processes: Functional organo-inorganic polymeric materials, nanostructured materials, wax. Material processing technologies for integration into analytical microsystems.
  • Chemical sensor systems and arrays: Electrical protein microarray readers, multisensor systems, wireless RFID-like sensors.

 Electrochemical Devices

 Hybrid Photonics


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