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Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona IMB-CNM   

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The aim of the group is to contribute to the understanding of the properties of thin dielectric films for silicon-based micro and nanoelectronic applications. Within this general framework, two lines of research are followed: basic and fundamental research on the electrical properties of thin films of high-k dielectrics deposited by the Atomic Layer Deposition Technique (ALD), and a more applied research line related to the process development for the growth of the thin films and its integration in fabrication technologies for micro and nanoelectronic devices and microsystems.

The specific scientific and technological activities are:

  • ALD process development and physical and electrical characterization of thin films of high-k dielectrics and nanolaminates.
  • Study of the mechanical properties and chemical resistance of thin ALD dielectric films and prospective applications in microsystems.
  • Design and fabrication of MIS and MIM structures.
  • Reliability of high-k dielectric films: electrical stress and radiation induced degradation.
  • Resistive switching phenomena in thin films and nanolaminates of high-k dielectrics.
  • Development of thin high-k films technologies for memory cells and micro and nanoelectronic devices.
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