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Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona IMB-CNM   

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The Clean Room of the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona becomes part of the european network EuroNanoLab

The MicroNanoFabs network, where is integrated the Clean Room for Micro and Nano fabrication (SBCNM) of the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (IMB-CNM, CSIC) has now become part of the european network EuroNanoLab, an initiative to establish a large-scale distributed nanofabrication research infrastructure.

MicroNanoFabs is a Clean Room Network devoted to Micro and Nano Manufacturing. It is also part of the Spanish Scientific and Technical Facility (ICTS) map. An ICTS is a unique or exceptional facility which investment and maintenance cost is relatively high in comparison to other R&D budgets in its area of activity and whose importance and strategic character on research and/or technological development justifies its availability to the entire R&D community and society as a whole. The mission of the MicroNanoFabs Network is to support spanish and european research groups and industries in their research in the fields of Micro-Nano Manufacturing and Photonics, three areas of activity that have been considered Key Enabling Technologies (KET´s) by the European Commission for their key contribution to the development of innovative products for our daily life.

EuroNanoLab provides world-class nanofabrication research infrastructure and expertise to increase the quality, efficiency and relevance of European basic research within nanotechnology. The research infrastructures within EuroNanoLab apply user-fee based open-access to tools, processes and services for users from academy and industry.

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