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Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona IMB-CNM   

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The main activities of the radiation detectors laboratory at IMB-CNM are:

  • Electrical test of semiconductor radiation detectors and other microelectronic devices in probe station with controlled temperature
  • Charge collection efficiency measurements with low activity sealed radiation sources
  • Tests of radiation effects on electronic devices and integrated circuits
  • Evaluation of bump-bonding yield in imaging systems
  • Test of electronic systems related to radiation detectors and readout

The laboratory is a 2nd category radioactive facility authorized by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN).

Equipment available

Steady-state electrical characterization setup

  • Keithley k2410 source-measure units (up to 1100V, 1A)
  • LCR meter Agilent 4284A
  • Decoupling system for high voltage C-V measurement (up to 1100V)
  • Cascade probe station with thermal chuck (–70º to 210ºC)
  • Instrumentation control via GPIB

Charge collection efficiency measurements

  • NIM with amplifier, bias supply, delay module, gate delay generator, HV power supply, quad pulse discriminator
  • Ortec MAESTRO Multichannel analyzer board and MAESTRO-32 v6.08 MCA software
  • Amptek MCA-8000A Pocket Multichannel Analyze
  • Low activity sealed radiation sources (IAEA categories 4 or 5): Fe-55 Cd-109 Am-241 Sr-90/Y-90
  • Low temperature measurements (–30ºC) possible
  • Alibava System: Radiation detectors characterization system
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