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At IMB-CNM we have been working to become a new prop in the printed electronic field, building a new laboratory to adapt the coming interest in the realization of low-cost, flexible and large area electronic systems based on additive printed technologies.

In our lab we can find several equipment that let us achieve all steps processes needed, like screen-printing tech., substrate treatments, curing tools among others, but for sure the core equipment of our new “Printed-µE Lab” is the CERADROP X-Series printer, in order to fabricate all-inkjet “Organic Thin Film Transistor” devices and circuits; one of the main research lines at ICAS group.

We will be able to cope with a large range of different application domains in a versatile way and we expect to develop a complete printed-micro-electronics technology either full-inkjet or combined with photolithographic clean-room processes, but on flexible substrates to allow circuits’ development and its hybridization with other technologies.

The Printed-µE Lab has been contributed by several research groups (SPEED, GAB and ICAS) from IMB-CNM and also the CEPHIS group from UAB. The lab is mainly used by the above mentioned R&D groups, but it is open at cost for self-services on selected equipment or for services on demand over complex equipment.

Main lab capabilities:
  • Inkjet Printing Cera Printer X-Serie, CERADROP
  • Inkjet printing DMP-2831, DIMATIX from group CEPHIS -UAB
  • Screen printing SK30, PAYMSER.
  • Smart plasma device, PLASMA TECHNOLOGY
  • Oven, BINDER from group CEPHIS - UAB
  • Hot plate PZ28, HARRY GESTIGKEIT
  • Digital microscope AM4113ZT for checks, DINO LITE
  • Fridges for ink optimum storage
  • Over table fume hood
  • Sink with deionized water
  • Nitrogen and oxygen gases
Initial Services:
  • Conductive silver ink depositions (PE410 from DUPONT)
  • Dielectric ink depositions (SU8 from MicroChem)
  • Ink initial characterizations
Personal protective equipments (PPEs):
  • 1x Compact mask, protection against gas, vapour and dust (MOLDEX, model: 5120)
  • 2x Ear defender for noisy environments (3M, model: H520A)
  • 2x Eye and face protection (Honeywell, model: A800)
Lab managed by ICAS group, technical responsible:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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