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Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona IMB-CNM   

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The Power Devices Electrical Characterization Laboratory covers the main needs of the Power Devices and Systems research group of IMB-CNM in terms of electrical assessment of the power devices developed in the Clean Room. In addition, it is also open for industrial and/or academic collaborations such as the characterization of commercial devices under specific conditions not provided in datasheets.

Main activities

The main activities performed in the Power Devices Electrical Characterization Laboratory are:

  • Electrical validation of new power devices developed in the Clean Room.
  • Electrical analysis of commercial power devices.
  • Development of new techniques for electrical characterization.
  • Development of integrated power systems.
  • Steady-state electrical characterization of power devices at different temperatures:
    • Voltage-Current curves (forward and blocking)
    • Electrical parameters extraction (on-resistance, threshold voltage, etc.).
    • Capacitance-Voltage curves
    • Calibration of temperature sensitive parameters (up to 400ºC)
    • On-wafer mapping with semi-automatic probe stations
  • Dynamic electrical characterization of power devices at different temperatures:
    • Switching tests and dynamic parameters extraction (turn-on and turn-off times, switching losses, etc.).
  • Reliability/ruggedness testing of power devices:
    • Surge current test
    • Power cycling
    • Short-circuit capability
  • Integrated power systems development:
    • Assembly of integrated power systems (power modules).
    • Optical inspection of integrated power systems (metallization analysis, etc.).
  • Development of specific measurement systems (switching boards, etc.).
  • Development and production of probe cards for automatic on-wafer mapping of power devices.
  • Static characterization of power devices:
    • Semiautomatic wafer probers with hot chuck (300ºC)
    • Source-measurement units (up to 15kV and 10A)
    • CV measurement equipment
    • Curve tracers (up to 3300 V – 400 A)
    • Instrumentation controllers (GPIB bus)
  • Dynamic characterization of components:
    • Switching times
    • Power switching losses
    • Short-circuit characterization
    • Gate driving characteristics)
    • Parasitic capacitances extraction (up to 800 V)
  • Surge and ESD characterization equipment
  • Equipment for the design, development and characterization of power systems
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