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Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona IMB-CNM   

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The Microsystem Characterisation Laboratory (LCMS) is dedicated to the characterisation of micro- and nanosystems. In this laboratory, all the research groups can test their set-ups either with their own equipment or borrowing it from the laboratory.

Views of one of the areas of the LCMS
Views of another of the areas of the LCMS
Equipment available for external access
Climatic chamber equipment for temperature and humidity test.
Test chamber volume: 75 liters (44 x44x38 cm3)
Range of temperature -40 – 150 ºC
Range of humidity 15 – 98 %
Nikon Eclipse ME600:
lens: x5; x10; x20; x50; x100
stage 6” x 4”
Observation techniques: brightfield, darkfield, simple polarisation and interferometry
Nikon Optiphot
lens: x5; x10; x20; x50; x100
stage 3” x 1,5”
Observation techniques: brightfield, darkfield, Normarski DIC and interferometry
Nikon SMZ1500 lens:
HR PlanApo 0,5x
with a special working distance of 136mm suitable for special assemblies
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