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Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona IMB-CNM   

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Micro and Nanotechnology research for you

The Biolab is dedicated to the development of Biosensors and Biointerfaces. Work in this laboratory stresses the highly interdisciplinary character of biosensing, which lies at the boundary between microbiology, electrochemistry, physics and electronics.

Accordingly, our Biolab is fully equipped for the characterization and testing of electronic and electrochemical sensing devices. The following summarizes our activities and available instrumentation.

Main activities
  • Electrochemical measurements (Potentiometric, Amperometric, Impedimetric characterization).
  • Surface functionalization (Bioincubation).
  • Evaluation of sensor for application in different areas
  • Development of (micro)fluidic systems.
  • Spectrophotometric measurements (UV-Vis detection, ELISA).
  • Optical inspection.

Electrochemical instrumentation

  • 1 Potentiostat/Galvanostat/Frequency Response Analysis AUTOLAB/PGSTAT12
  • 1 Potentiostat/Galvanostat AUTOLAB/ µAUTOLAB III
  • 2 Multipotentiostat 8 chanels CH Instruments /1030A/B
  • 1 Bipotentiostat 2 chanels CH Instruments/ 750C
  • 1 Impedance/gain-phase analyzer Solartron/ SI 1260
  • 1 Electrochemical interface Solartron/SI 1287
  • 1 Impedance interface Solartron /1294
  • 1 multimeter Keithley /2000
  • pH meters Metrohm /827 pH lab//Crison /GLP22
  • Conductivity meter Crison /GLP31


  • 1 Spectophotometer Beckman Coulter /DU 730
  • 1 ELISA reader Thermo Electron/ Multiskan EX


  • 1 Microscope Leica /DM 4000M
  • 1 Stereomicroscope Olympus /SZX7


  • Thermostatic incubator Hatch Lange S.L.U./ Lovibond
  • Laminar flow hood Telstar BV-1000
  • Autoclave Selecta/ Presoclave-II
  • Microcentrifuge Orto Alresa/ Biocen 20
  • Heater Selecta/ Digiheat
  • Vortex mixer Stuart/ SA-8

Other instrumentation

  • 1 SPR analyzer Mivitec GMBH/ Biosuplar 400
  • 3 Syringe Pumps New Era Pump Systems/ NE-1000/NE-4000
  • 1 Peristaltic Pump Gilson /Minipuls 3
  • Ultrasonic bath Elma Ultrasonic/ LC 20H
  • Stirrers Asincro/ 7000379
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