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IMB-CNM talks: Fabrication of superior 2D and 3D nano-devices using NanoFrazor lithography - Dr. Zhengming Wu

Sala de Actos Pepe Millán, IMB-CNM, Campus UAB.
15/02/2019 11:30 a.m.

Abstract: Thermal scanning probe lithography (t-SPL) has recently entered the lithography market as first true alternative or extension to electron beam lithography (EBL). The first dedicated t-SPL systems, called NanoFrazor, have been installed at research facilities in Europe, America, Asia and Australia by the company Swiss Lithoody.
The application range for this new nanofabrication capability is broad and will be demonstrated with the discussion of a selection of examples systems.
Applications that are enabled by the nm-precise 3D patterning include 3D phase plates and finely tuned coupled Gaussian optical microcavities. Furthermore, 3D shaped nanofluidic confinements have been used to precisely control the movement of nanoparticles and nanowires. The high resolution 2Dcapability was applied e.g. to shape complex plasmonic structures. Furthermore, several superior nanoelectronic devices will be shown. Such devices are predominantly made from randomly dispersed nanowires or 2D materials. Therefore, they benefit strongly from the unique markerless overlay capability of the NanoFrazor lithography, but also from the fact that actually no charged particle beam is used during lithography, which can often damage sensitive materials. Finally, a few examples are show, how the heated tips are also used for direct modification of surfaces by triggering of a local phase change or a chemical reaction.

Full Review William Hill