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Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona IMB-CNM   

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IMB-CNM talks: Efficient generation of proton beam from a 3 TW table-top laser interacting with submicrometric solid targets

Sala de Actos Pepe Millán, IMB-CNM, Campus UAB.
14/12/2018 11:30 a.m.

Abstract:Thin layer membranes with controllable features and material arrangements are often used as target materials for laser driven particle accelerators. Reduced cost, large scale fabrication of such membranes with high reproducibility, and good stability is central to establish applications of laser driven proton beams.
Beyond introducing the concept and state of art in the field of laser driven particle acceleration, this presentation will focus on the fabrication and characterization of sub-micrometric gold and aluminum membranes embedded in a silicon wafer obtained by applying nano/micro-electro-mechanical-system (N/MEMS) processing and which were then used for laser-driven particle acceleration in the target normal sheath acceleration (TNSA) regime.
Finally, I will discuss results of laser driven proton acceleration experiments carried out on a purpose-made table-top Ti:Sa laser running at 3 TW peak power with a contrast over ASE of 108.

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