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IMB-CNM talks: Alternative materials for bio-sensing: silk fibroin from Bombyx mori - Augusto Márquez

Sala de Actos Pepe Millán, IMB-CNM, Campus UAB.
11/05/2018 11:30 a.m.

Abstract: The field of commercial point of care (POC) tests for glucose monitoring in blood is widely covered with the glucose test strips for electrochemical measuring. Colorimetric analysis in this case is poor developed, while in other preliminary tests (pH, pregnancy, lead acetate) is commonly used. This aspect is logic as blood has a strong red color due to the presence of hemoglobin, what suppose an important interference. To prevent this drawback, cellulose is commonly employed to filter the sample, but also to manage the fluidics and retain the interactive elements (i.e. lateral flow tests). In this talk, I will present silk fibroin as an alternative to cellulose. This material covers in great part paper functionalities like capillary pumping and filtering but also and present others: i) mechanical properties: possibility to develop thin film biosensors resistant to mechanical stress, ii) biocompatibility: possibility to encapsulate biomolecules without disturbing their activity and also to be implanted in patients, iii) enzyme activity sustainer: the crystalline structure may isolate the immobilized biomolecules from harmful agents, iv) waveguide: besides acting as a biocompatible matrix, the silk fibroin can guide the light in a biosensor, being transparent in the visible and iv) compatibility with micro and nanofabrication technology (stamping, e-beam).

Full Review William Hill