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IMB-CNM talks: Keeping Moore’s law alive: block copolymer lithography - Steven Gottlieb

Sala de Actos Pepe Millán, IMB-CNM, Campus UAB.
20/04/2018 11:30 a.m.

Abstract: The use of block copolymers for lithography applications has attracted significant attention in the last years because it is an interesting bottom-up technique that enables patterning with a resolution in the range from 5 to 25 nm. Block copolymer thin film spin-coating and annealing leads to a microphase separation process which, however, lacks the capability of inducing long-range order in the system. Lithographically defined features – mostly defined by top-down methods – capable of ordering the block copolymer domains on large length scales are referred to as guiding patterns. Besides a brief introduction to block copolymer physics we explain why block copolymer lithography is a possible technique for future node semiconductor manufacturing. An emphasis is on explaining the need for the fabrication of guiding patterns to direct the self-assembly of block copolymers. The second part of this presentation is about recent results in the fabrication of guiding patterns to direct the block copolymer self-assembly in lithographically relevant structures. These results include the use of extreme ultraviolet interference lithography (EUV-IL), electron beam lithography and thermal scanning probe lithography (t-SPL). Most of the presented results have been obtained within the framework of the European infrastructure project NFFA (Nanoscience Foundries and Fine Analysis), where the CNM is, among others, active in the sub-area “High-precision manufacturing”.

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