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IMB-CNM Thesis Defense: Analysis of Bidirectional Switch Power Modules for Matrix Converter Application - PhD student: José-Luis Gálvez Sánchez, Director: Xavier Jordà i Sanuy

Sala de Actos Pepe Millán, IMB-CNM, Campus UAB
24/10/2017 11:00am

Abstract: There is a wide and increasing demand in industrial applications which require bidirectional transfer of power between the AC utility and the load, and vice versa such as renewable energies (wind turbines, photo-voltaic, fuel-cells; smart-grids), electric traction, etc. The possibility of performing a direct AC-AC conversion is a fact thanks to the Matrix Converter (MC) topology. The typical configuration of a MC is based on nine bidirectional switches (BDSs) required to directly connect the three input phases of an AC grid with the three output phases of a load (typically, a motor). The aim of this thesis is the analysis of the commutation processes in BDSs, the prediction of their power dissipation in typical MC operation and the development of a new controlled bidirectional switch module which integrates the power stage functionality with the intelligence in one component called BDS-IPM to enhance the modularity and feasibility of MC applications. The BDS-IPM is itself a complex power electronics system since many disciplines converge in it: power semiconductor devices, thermal power management, device level control (i.e. gate drive circuits) and high level control (i.e. current commutation strategy implementation, active protection issues).

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