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We are glad to present the "3rd Scientific Meeting of BNC-b Students". The event is aimed to present the work performed by the PhD students of the whole Barcelona Nanotechnology Cluster – Bellaterra (ICMAB, ICN2, IMB-CNM, UAB, ALBA), promoting the networking between them. The event incorporates all the framework of the UAB Research Park, as well as other universities as UB or UPC. Moreover, it is also open to master and undergraduate students, and the scientific community at large.

The meeting structure will include the usual oral presentations and posters. Furthermore, we will gather different invited speakers to share with us their experience working in companies, as magazine editors or in the world of divulgation. They will also talk about the skills acquired during the PhD that can be useful outside the academic world, so this event represents a good chance to meet people who have already followed this path and who can give you good advice. Here you will have the opportunity to meet other PhD students, and share your experience and research from different nanoscience areas.

ABSTRACT DEADLINE: October 6th 2017

IMB-CNM Talks: Transfer of technology for dummies - Dra. Isabel Gavilanes Pérez (PhD, MBA, PM)

Sala de Actos Pepe Millán, IMB-CNM, Campus UAB
29/09/2017 11:30am

Abstract: The talk will give an introduction into the technology transfer process, what it serves for, who are its players and what tools are available for.
During the presentation it will also be explained what industrial property means and why a correct protection and commercialization is important for a Research Institution like CSIC. A key part of it will be focused on what a patent is, its parts, advantages/disadvantages and differences versus other forms of industrial protection. Real examples of patents currently in exploitation and successful technology transfer cases will shortly introduced.
At the end a profitable debate between all the attendees will be expected.

Welcome to MNE2017, to INL, to the beautiful city of Braga, and to Portugal

MNE2017 will cover all the main current activities in micro/nano engineering and for this goal, we have re-structured the conference in four areas:

>> Novel Developments in Nano/Micro Fabrication Methods and processes;
>> Fabrication and Integration of Micro/Nano Structures Devices and Systems;
>> Engineering for Physical and Chemical Applications;
>> and Engineering for the Life Sciences.

MNE2017 is a major annual conference devoted to micro- and nano engineering and manufacturing, held in a European country every September. The Conference brings together engineers and scientists from across the world to discuss recent progress and future trends in research, fabrication, and applications of micro and nano devices.

Take an active part in this unique event! Get your ticket at

IMB-CNM Talks: An all-Si thermoelectric microgenerator: Improved design and heat exchanger integration - Inci Donmez

Sala de Actos Pepe Millán, IMB-CNM, Campus UAB
15/09/2017 10:30am

Abstract: We present the fabrication and characterization of an all-Si planar thermoelectric microgenerator (μTEG) with ordered dense arrays of CVD-VLS grown Si nanowires as active material. Compared to our first generation μTEG, power output increased by 70 times as a result of optimizations in processing and device architecture that improved both thermal, and electrical performances. Additionally, we defined a new route to integrate a heat exchanger which resulted in a power output three orders of magnitude larger. Considering the optimization in device design and the effect of the heat exchanger, the proposed microgenerator will be appropriate to meet the requirements of micropower wireless sensor nodes where 50-200 °C waste heat source is available.

SEMINAR, Wednesday, 3 May, 12:00, Sala d'Actes Pepe Millán del CNM

“Generation-recombination noise in advanced CMOS and memory devices” Prof. Eddy Simoen Interuniversity Microelectronic Center, IMEC, Leuven, Belgium

Abstract: Generation-Recombination (GR) noise is one of the excess noise sources in semiconductor materials and devices, which originates from successive capture and emission events by a deep-level GR center. The corresponding spectrum is Lorentzian, with a plateau at low frequencies and a 1/f2 roll of beyond the corner frequency fc. In MOSFETs, at least two types of GR noise can be distinguished: the first type has a corner frequency that does not chance with gate bias, while for the second case, there is a pronounced dependence. It is believed that the first type of GR centers resides in the depletion region, while oxide traps originate the second type of spectra. They are better known as Random Telegraph Noise (RTN).
In the seminar, it will be outlined how in both cases information can be gathered regarding the deep level parameters. For depletion region traps, studying fc as a function of temperature allows performing GR noise spectroscopy, which leads to the identification of several processing-induced defects in Fully Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator (FDSOI) nMOSFETs, Ge pMOSFETs and InGaAs nMOSFETs. In the case of RTN, there are several ways to derive information on the underlying oxide trap parameters. This can be based on time- or frequency domain studies. In scaled devices, RTN can be generated by defects in the gate oxide or in the semiconductor. As an example, different types of RTN in vertical polysilicon nMOSFETs for Non-Volatile Memories will be discussed. It will be outlined how information on the trap location along ad in the channel can be derived.

Eddy Simoen is a senior researcher at imec since 1986 and a part-time Guest Professor at Ghent University since 2012. He is a Fellow of the ECS since 2016 and the current Chair of the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) of the Benelux. His field of research covers the impact of defects on semiconductor materials and device performance, low-frequency noise and Deep-Level Transient Spectroscopy of semiconductors. He has published over 1600 technical papers and conference contributions and 5 books and several book chapters.

Science Week in November

During the Science Week in November, the "Zenon Navarro" Microelectronics Museum Space of IMB-CNM will be open for visits.

The 21th Science Week in Catalonia will be held from 11th to 20nd November, and the Science and Technology Week at CSIC will be held during all November.

IMB-CNM will have “Open Doors” at the Zenon Navarro Museum Space from 14th to 18th November, from 10 h to 13 h and from 15 h to 17 h.

Group visits (more than 10 persons) require a reservation (please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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