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Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona IMB-CNM   

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The administrative services of IMB-CNM deal with four types of horizontal support activities to the researchers and technical personnel working in the different research groups and laboratories of the institute. A short description of each actuation is given below:

1. Administrative Management Service.

This service manages all the activities related to the institute following the standard CSIC rules, but also manages all the information necessary for the operation of the ICTS-Clean Room activity. The special nature of the Clean Room with its high cost equipment makes it necessary to open tender procedures of much more complexity that the normal procedures for the other laboratories of the institute.

The service includes the following áreas:

  • Area of budgetary control and payment.
  • Area of customer invoicing, billing and settlement.
  • Purchasing area.
  • Inventory area.
  • Area of human resources.
  • Area of travel and subsistence.
  • Area of projects and contracts management.
2. Information Technologies (IT) Service.

The service manages all ICT services for the R&D groups, laboratories and administrative services. Continuous improvement tasks are performed in different areas such as control systems, security, communications and management software and systems, in coordination with SGAI department in CSIC and actively participating in joint projects promoted by them.

The IT service is also in charge of installing and maintaining the Scientific and CAD software used in the institute. The service also coordinates purchases of computers and other required hardware for the whole personnel.

3. General Maintenance Service.

The service deals with all preventive and corrective maintenance that are planned are managed, related to all the buildings of the Institute, except for the Clean Room that has its own maintenance service. The service also coordinates the external maintenance contracts when such actions can not bbe solved internally.

4. Library Service.

The library aims to maintain a service of high quality and finding all the scientific information need by any group of IMB-CNM. For this purpose, the Library has its own archives and collections and also has Access to the resources of the CSIC Library Network.

At present, the Library personnel is also responsible for centralizing the R&D production of the researchers of IMB-CNM and of maintaining the related CONCIENCIA database. Recently, the Library service has started its support to the outreach activities of the institute, too.


Researchers of IMB-CNM have collaborated in the recent years to create Spin-Offs for the valorisation of ideas and products partially or fully developed within the research groups of the institute. These new companies are:

The first compact and portable system for the characterization of microstrip semiconductor radiation detectors

FUELIUM: Eco-friendly and disposable paper batteries.

 Fundación Repsol Award (V call)


Intelligent Thermal Microsesnsors for the detection of gas leakages.

 Fundación Repsol Award (V call)

Miniaturised systems for real time microbiological monitoring

 Fundación Repsol Award (1st call)
The unique global solution for meter reading
Open new dimensions in Surface Plasmon Ressonance
Devices that generate energy from oscilation

 Fundación Repsol Award (2st call)
X-ray Imatek
Custom made devices for large area detection


Download the IMB-CNM Biennial Report 2013-2014

Biennial Report 2013-2014

Download the IMB-CNM Biennial Report 2011-2012

Biennial Report 2011-2012

Download the IMB-CNM Biennial Report 2009-2010

Biennial Report 2009-2010

Download the IMB-CNM Biennial Report 2007-2008

Download a brochure describing IMB-CNM:

Download a brochure describing the large scale infrastructure (ICTS) of IMB-CNM:

Download the 30 years brochure describing IMB-CNM:

Research & Development

The main activity of IMB-CNM is research and development, mainly oriented towards applied research in the fields of silicon-based micro and nano technologies, devices and systems. The R&D activities are mainly driven by competitive research projects, that take advantage of the use of complete micro/nanofabrication facilities ICTS. The main part of the R&D is funded by national and international collaborative projects together with highly qualified key partners.

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Technology Services

IMB_CNM aims at helping national and international research groups to carry out R&D activities thanks to the availability of a set of complete micro and nanotechnologies and processes housed in a highly specialised Clean Room environment devoted to R&D&i of excellence, and driven by an expert team. Service is provided for Micro and Nanofabrication, but also for Physical and Electrical Characterisation, Packaging and Systems Integration.

Industrial R+D+i contracts

IMB-CNM provides industrial support and access to the micro and nanofabrication thanks to the operational procedures in place and to the reliability and repetitiveness of the processes offered,. Such support ranges from technology awareness to the development of basic demonstrators, or small series of prototypes. Industrial support also includes technical and consulting services on design, fabrication and application of microelectronics products, and technology transfer activities.


IMB-CNM provides training services upon demand to the research and industry communities. Training ranges from short courses on micro/nanoelectronic technology to B.S.C. Thesis, M.S. Thesis, and longer Ph.D. Thesis and Post-Doctoral stages including Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions.

Diffusion of Micro- and Nano-electronics culture

IMB-CNM is involved in different activities addressed to diffuse and bring up micro- and nano-electronics culture into the society. These activities include the publication in newspapers or specialized magazines of articles addressed to the general public, periodical open-doors days, participation in the yearly national Science Week, and periodic talks on the scientific and technological activities specifically addressed to high-school students, including visits to the IMB-CNM Large Scale Facility (ICTS) and its Clean Room.

Staff CNM


  Prof. Manuel Lozano  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


  Dr. Cecilia Jiménez   (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

  Prof. Francesc Pérez   (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Technical Vicedirector:

  Miguel Zabala  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Administrative Manager:

  Montse Calderón   (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



Staff List

Abad Muñoz,
Abramova Pavlova,
Aguilar Torán, Javier
Aguiló Llobet,
Agusil Antonoff, Juan
Alcacer Exposito, Albert
Alvarez Sánchez, Maria del
Amat Bertran,
Antúnez Vallès,
Arjona Hidalgo, Maria
Arnal Rus,
Aviñó Salvadó,
Ayesta Urquiza,
Aymerich Gubern,
Azambuja Rebollar,
Baldi Coll,
Bargalló González,
Bausells Roigé,
Benet Miró,
Bermúdez García, Fco.
Bonfill Dorca, Mª
Borrisé Nogué, Xavier2511/
Bravo Calvo, Francisco
Brosel Oliu, Sergi
Burdó Masferrer, Mireia
Cabello Fusares,
Cabezas Martínez,
Cabruja Casas,
Cadarso Busto,
Calderón Aparicio,
Calleja Navalpotro, Á
Calsina Perpen,
Calvo Angós, José
Campabadal Segura,
Candanedo Parramon,
Cané Ballart,
Capell Solsona, Xavier2535/
Carreras Gallo, Oscar
Carreras Gill,
Castillo Espinosa, Mª Encarnació
Céspedes Montoya, Eva Marí
Chica Gordillo,
Cirera Perich, Josep Mª
Cisneros Fernandez, Jose
Dacunha Pazos, Samuel2518/
Del Campo García,
Del Moral Cejudo,
Dietvorst, Jiri
Doblas Moreno, Albert
Dolcet Sadurní,
Domínguez Horna,
Duch Llobera, Marta2513/
Duque Duque,
Durà Güell,
Durán Ibáñez,
Escudé Pujol,
Escudero Villa, Pedro
Esquivel Bojorquez, Juan
Esteve Tintó,
Fernández Regúlez,
Fernández Sánchez, Cé
Fernández Tejero,
Ferrer Ramis,
Ferrer Vilanova,
Figueras Bagué,
Figueras Carreras,
Figueras Costa,
Fitó Parera,
Fleta Corral,
Flores Gual,
Fonseca Chácharo, Luis
Formatjé Rodellas,
Gabriel Buguña,
Garcia Garcia,
García Rodríguez,
Garrote Vasco,
Garzón Rus,
Gavilanes Pérez, Maria
Gimenez Gomez, Pablo Antonio
González Martínez,
Gràcia Tortadés,
Guardiola Salmeron,
Guerrero Barbero,
Guimerà Brunet,
Gutiérrez Cabria,
Gutiérrez Capitán,
Hidalgo Villena,
Illa Vila,
Jiménez Jorquera,
Jordà Sanuy, F.
Llop Orona,
Llorella i Bustins,
López García,
Lora-Tamayo D'Ocon,
Lozano Fantoba,
Maestro Izquierdo, Marcos
Mañez Alambiaga,
Margarit Taulé, Josep Mª
Márquez Maqueda, Augusto Manuel2433augusto.
Martín Fernández, Iñ
Martínez Aguilar,
Martinez Barrera,
Martínez de Olcoz Sainz, Leyre2504/
Martínez Domingo,
Martínez Martínez,
Mas Colomina, Roser2517/
Mas Pla,
Mass, Mijal
Masvidal Codina,
Mata Rodríguez,
Mateu Mañé,
Merino Jiménez,
Merlos Domingo,
Montserrat Martí,
Morales Guerrero,
Moreno Diaz,
Moreno Garriga,
Muñoz Berbel, Francesc
Muñoz Correas,
Muñoz González,
Muñoz López,
Muñoz Pascual, Francisco
Muntada Lopez,
Murillo Rodríguez,
Navarro Segarra,
Noy Orcau,
Ocaña Tejada,
Ortega Tañá,
Otero Ugobono,
Pallarés Cuxart,
Pallàs Jordana,
Pérez Castillejos,
Pérez Murano,
Perpiña Giribet,
Pinto Gómez,
Plaza Plaza, José
Poblador Cester, Samuel
Prats Alfonso,
Puertas Esteve,
Pujol Vila,
Rafí Tatjer, Joan
Ramon Garcia,
Re Blanco,
Rebollo Palacios, José André
Ríos Gallardo, Juan
Rius Suñé,
Rovira Fernández,
Rull Camacho, Luis Gabriel 2520luis.
Sabaté Vizcarra, Mª
Sacristán Riquelme,
Sáenz García,
Salleras Freixes,
Sánchez Amores, Ana Mª
Sánchez López,
Sánchez Martínez, Marí
Sánchez Romero,
Sánchez Sánchez, David2216/
Santander Vallejo, Joaquí
Sarrión Romero, Mónica2522/2308/
Seisdedos Fernández,
Serra Graells,
Solé Díaz, Libertad2505/
Soler Rosales, Ví
Suárez Narbona,
Terés Terés, Lluí
Tironi Laporte,
Torres Herrero, Nú
Ullán Comes,
Uría Moltó,
Vallejos Vargas,
Vazquez Mariño,
Vazquez Siso,
Vellvehí Hernández,
Vera Gras,
Vera Ibáñez,
Villa Sanz,
Yeste Lozano, José
Zabala García,
Zaffino, Rosa
Zea García,

Spain map with location of CNM institutes


The IMB-CNM is located on the Campus of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) in Bellaterra, 10 km North of Barcelona, between the cities of Sabadell, Sant Cugat del Vallés and Cerdanyola del Vallés.

IMB-CNM address

Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica (CNM)
Instituto de Microelectrónica de Barcelona (IMB)
C/del Til·lers. Campus Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
08193 Cerdanyola del Vallès (Bellaterra)

Tel.: +34 93 594 7700
Fax : +34 93 580 0267
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GPS coordinates:

   E 02º 06' 36" , N 41º 30' 08"

Locate IMB-CNM in GoogleTM Maps:
Regional map Regional map which locates the IMB-CNM in the metropolitan area of Barcelona
Campus map UAB campus map which locates the IMB-CNM in the campus
From Barcelona airport to CNM by taxi:

Direct taxi from Barcelona airport to CNM takes approx. 30 min.

From Barcelona airport to Barcelona:

By bus:  bus A1 or A2 (depending on the airport terminal) to Plaça Catalunya (every 5 or 10 min).

By train, from terminal T2 only:  trains (R2-Nord line) every 30 min to Barcelona-Sants (Central) Station

By train from Barcelona to CNM:

By Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat (FGC) regional network:

- Main stations in Barcelona: Catalunya, Provença, Gracia, Muntaner, Sarria.

- There is a train every 12 min.

a) take a train to SABADELL (S2 line) or UNIVERSITAT AUTÒNOMA (S55 line)

b) get off at UNIVERSITAT AUTÒNOMA station (travel time is about 35 min from Catalunya)

c) IMB-CNM is at about 10 min from the station (see campus map above)


By RENFE national network:

- Main stations in Barcelona: Sants, Plaça Catalunya, Arc de Triomf. Note that train line R7 is currently departing from Sant Andreu Arenal station, so one must go to that station by using a different line or the subway.

- Trains run approx. every 30 min.

a) take a train (R7 line) to CERDANYOLA-UNIVERSITAT

b) get off at CERDANYOLA-UNIVERSITAT station (travel time is about 20 min)

c1) walk to IMB-CNM (aprox. 10 min) (see campus map above) OR

c2) take a free bus ("line 1 - blue line" - "línia blava") to the University and get off at the first bus stop ("Ciències-Biociències"), which is opposite to the IMB-CNM (see campus map above)

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