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Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona IMB-CNM   

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(1) Layerstack


  • 4 inches silicon wafer 500 microns thick
  • 2,5 microns thermal oxide substrate
  • 300 nm Silicon Nitride film
  • 2,0 microns top cladding



(2) Processing steps


1) Thermal oxide substrate → Oxidize 2,5 microns of the wafer (both sides)
2) LPCVD stoichometric silicon nitride deposition → 300 nm (both sides)
3) Shallow waveguide definition → lithography + 150 nm etching step
4) Deep waveguide definition → lithography + 300 nm etching step
5) Cladding deposition → 2,0 microns PECVD oxide
6) Selective area trench → lithography + 2,0 microns etching on top of the cladding
7) Metalization → lithography + Cr/Au stack patterned to include heaters

(3) Fabricated components


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