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Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona IMB-CNM   

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Photolithography processes are included in the Integrated Micro and Nanofabrication Clean Room of IMB-CNM.

Surface : 150 m2
Class 100

Techniques and processes
  • Optical Lithography on positive and negative photoresist for dry and wet etching
  • Micro-nano designs obtained by Stepper
  • Patterning with LOR and AZ photoresist for lift-off processes
  • Microfluidic structures and molding with SU8 and SUEX/ADEX
  • Structural layers with polyamide
  • Chromium mask fabrication in MLL2
photo1 GAMMA80 Süss
  • Automatic Coater-Developer system
  • HMDS deposition
  • Hot and cold plates for bakes
  • Sample size: 100 and 150 mm wafer
  • For HIPR and OIR photoresist
photo2 Delta 20/Delta 80 Süss
  • Manual Spin Coaters
  • Gyrset system (Delta 80)
  • Sample size: 2´´ to 6´´ wafer
  • For AZ photoresist,SU8 and polyamide
photo3 Karl Süss MA6 & MA/BA6
  • Contact/Proximity and double-side contact/proximity mask aligners
  • Critical dimension = 1µm
  • g-i line (MA6) and i line (MA/BA6)
  • Sample size: 100 and 150 mm wafer
  • Mask size: 5´´x 5´´ and 7´´x 7´´
photo4 NSR 2205i12D
  • Stepper i-line
  • Critical dimension = 350nm
  • Max. exposure area = 22 x 22 mm
  • Sample size: 100 and 150 mm wafer
  • Reticle size: 6´´x 6´´x0.25´´
photo5 NSR 1505g7
  • Stepper g-line
  • Critical dimension = 700nm
  • Max. exposure area = 15 x15 mm
  • Sample size: Only 100 mm wafer
  • Reticle size: 5´´x5´´x0.09´´
photo6 DWL 66FS
  • Mask-less Laser Lithography
  • Direct write i-line
  • Critical dimension = 1 µm
  • Double layer alignment
  • Min. exposure area = 1,5´´ x1,5´´
  • Min. sample size to align: 2´´x 2´´
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