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Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona IMB-CNM   

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The administrative services of IMB-CNM deal with four types of horizontal support activities to the researchers and technical personnel working in the different research groups and laboratories of the institute. A short description of each actuation is given below:

1. Administrative Management Service.

This service manages all the activities related to the institute following the standard CSIC rules, but also manages all the information necessary for the operation of the ICTS-Clean Room activity. The special nature of the Clean Room with its high cost equipment makes it necessary to open tender procedures of much more complexity that the normal procedures for the other laboratories of the institute.

The service includes the following áreas:

  • Area of budgetary control and payment.
  • Area of customer invoicing, billing and settlement.
  • Purchasing area.
  • Inventory area.
  • Area of human resources.
  • Area of travel and subsistence.
  • Area of projects and contracts management.
2. Information Technologies (IT) Service.

The service manages all ICT services for the R&D groups, laboratories and administrative services. Continuous improvement tasks are performed in different areas such as control systems, security, communications and management software and systems, in coordination with SGAI department in CSIC and actively participating in joint projects promoted by them.

The IT service is also in charge of installing and maintaining the Scientific and CAD software used in the institute. The service also coordinates purchases of computers and other required hardware for the whole personnel.

3. General Maintenance Service.

The service deals with all preventive and corrective maintenance that are planned are managed, related to all the buildings of the Institute, except for the Clean Room that has its own maintenance service. The service also coordinates the external maintenance contracts when such actions can not bbe solved internally.

4. Library Service.

The library aims to maintain a service of high quality and finding all the scientific information need by any group of IMB-CNM. For this purpose, the Library has its own archives and collections and also has Access to the resources of the CSIC Library Network.

At present, the Library personnel is also responsible for centralizing the R&D production of the researchers of IMB-CNM and of maintaining the related CONCIENCIA database. Recently, the Library service has started its support to the outreach activities of the institute, too.

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